Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Rugby

  • Rugby is open to quadriplegics (often referred to as quad rugby or murderballMurderball (officially called Wheelchair Rugby or Quad-Rugby) is a sport open to quadriplegics which is unique to the Paralympics. It is a high contact wheelchair sport which was invented by the Canadians in the 1970's.).
  • It is unique to the Paralympic Games.
  • This high-contact wheelchair sport was invented by Canadians in the 1970’s.
  • Rugby became a full medal sport in Sydney in 2000.
  • The Australian Wheelchair Rugby Team are called the SteelersAustralian Wheelchair Rugby Team and Silver Medalists at the Beijing Paralympic Games in 2008.!


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ClassificationAthletes are classified by classifiers into classes by their ability to function. The aim is to ensure that athletes of similar ability compete against one another.

  • Wheelchair rugby athletes are classified using a points system, with the most severely disabled athletes being graded at 0.5 points, rising to 3.5 points for the more able.
  • Each team is comprised of four players and is allowed a maximum of eight points on court at any one time.

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